Take a look at my Resume

Since September 2018 I am working as the Lead Game Designer at KING Art Games in Bremen, Germany to create the upcoming RTS Iron Harvest.

My journey in that studio began when I joined working through the entire preproduction of an unannounced project from September 2017 on, in the position of a Game Designer and Producer. During that I have been managing the small sized team with additional external contributers and designing, prototyping and iterating the main gameplay and gameplay experience of the project.

From September to the end of December 2016 I have worked as in intern in Game Design at Deck13 Interactive in Frankfurt, Germany - where I primarily developed and improved the enemy encounters and the combat system of the Action-RPG The Surge.

This internship has been part of my last semester of studies of Game Design (Bachelor of Arts) at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany – on which I have graduated in April 2017.

My motive is to create games that players really care about. I love to design the underlying systems and dynamics – making them evoke thoughts and emotions in the player‘s mind. The greatest thing to me is, when a game and its experience integrate to a part of the players‘ lives.

When not making games, I love to go adventuring. I have been doing parkour for some time now, and recently started bouldering/climbing. Everything that keeps my blood rushing and makes me feel alive! If I am not outside thrill seeking, I'll be playing the piano, the guitar or reading a good book.